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The Boomerang Player Of The NFL Award Goes To... Ross Ventrone

New England safety Ross Ventrone has gone undrafted, picked up, signed, waived, re-signed, cut, brought back, put on the practice squad, promoted, demoted and everything in-between - lately on a week-to-week basis - since he became a Patriot.  Originally signed as a rookie free agent out of Villanova on April 29, 2010, his almost absurdly frequent comings and goings appear below.  Hopefully, for his sake, his agent isn't paid by the transaction:

04/29/10 - Signed (played pre-season opener)

08/15/10 - Waived

08/23/10 - Signed (played final two pre-season games)

09/04/10 - Waived

10/19/10 - Signed to practice squad

01/18/11 - Signed to a future contract (played Week 3)

10/01/11 - Waived

10/04/11 - Signed to practice squad

10/08/11 - Promoted to 53-man roster (played Week 5 & Week 6)

10/17/11 - Waived

10/19/11 - Signed to 53-man roster (but will it be 'bye-bye' after the Bye?  Only the Hoodie knows.)