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New England Patriots Links 10/24/11 - Kraft: Wes Welker is a 'Phenomenon'

Mike Reiss offers some soundbites from Robert Kraft on Wes Welker and the possibility of a contract extension during the bye.

"First of all, any guy who plays on our team I can look at face to face, and his eyes are at my level, or maybe a tad lower, is pretty exciting. He’s just a special guy. He’s a phenomenon. It’s our hope that he’ll be someone who will be with us the rest of his career."

"You know we’re a team that’s not about trying to encourage and sign people who want the last dollar. If money is the most important thing, we’ll have trouble getting a deal done. I just want to say this, whether it’s Wes Welker or Tom Brady or Logan Mankins or any player, when we decide what our limit is on what we can afford to pay a player, it’s not like whatever we don’t pay to that player the Kraft family are putting in their pockets. It’s about trying to build a team and have certain disciplines, and knowing that you need a team of 53 players on your roster. So whatever money we don’t give to Wes Welker is going to go to other players to build a team."

"But he is pretty special and comes from a great family. We couldn’t have asked for a better guy. His performance, what he did last year coming back from the injury, and now doing what he is doing [with] his performance this year, is great."

Shalise Manza Young reports Andre Carter took a risk before deciding to play for the Patriots.

"And as you know, the league is based upon production,’’ he said, "so I was really going on faith - faith in God and faith in my ability that I was going to get picked up. "

"And of course it was scary, too, because of the whole lockout. I mean, as the lockout ended and teams were gathering their players together, there were a lot of guys that were my age that were vets that unfortunately didn’t get picked up. That was a real risk. There was a time where you’re kind of like, OK, I’m a little on the edge of my seat." ...

"I really didn’t know what to anticipate after I got released from the Washington Redskins even though it was a mutual thing."

"I just felt like knowing what I do and knowing the type of player I was, I needed the opportunity to go somewhere else and show my skills and just work with great men that love the game of football just as much as I do."

"So overall, it’s been just such an amazing journey and I just constantly work on my craft, whether rushing the passer or stopping the run, and I just enjoy the men that I play with on the defensive line."

"I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.’’


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