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A Non-Story: Rob Gronkowski's Week Off

I feel like it would be irresponsible to ignore the Bye Week actions of Rob Gronkowski. He spent some time with an adult film star and had a few non-explicit pictures taken and posted on her Twitter account. The pictures were of Robo Gronk next to the model, who was wearing Gronkowski's Patriots jersey. Of course, multiple outlets started pushing these photos around, building up steam, until Gronkowski tried to end the story by speaking with Patriots owner Robert Kraft. In typical Patriots' fashion, what was discussed in that meeting will be kept between those involved and we are left to believe that Gronk had some asplainin' to do.

Of course, what Gronk does in his own time is his own business and some clear connections can be made with Wes Welker's trip to the Playboy Mansion. After the 2010 season, Wes Welker was recovering from his knee injury when a picture surfaced of Welker next to a Playboy model. Welker is still a beloved Patriots player and we can all assume that a good game by Gronkowski will sweep the whole story under the rug.

The main difference in the stories is that, unlike Welker, Gronkowski had the Patriots jersey in the picture. The concern was how the jersey was being portrayed and how that reflected upon the organization. I don't think there's any problem with Gronk spending time with who he wishes to spend time with on his Bye Week. As long as he comes back ready to go, what he did is his choice. However, this is a learning experience for all players in how not to involve their organization in their personal decisions: don't bring objects that represent your team.

So that's that. Story's done. As Gronk said, let's look towards the Steelers and hope Robo Gronk has another ridiculous game.