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New England Patriots Links 10/03/11 - Patriots Stand Up to Physical Raiders, Show They Can Run in Win

Ian Rapoport asked Bill Belichick about his team's toughness after the win.

"I think we have a physical football team and I thought we had a good day playing physically today," Belichick said. "I thought we stood up to a physical team. But you know, we’re going to see that pretty much every week. We’ll get challenged the next week, and I’m sure in a lot of successive weeks."

"Of course it’s nice to come here and win and be 3-1. I thought our team did a pretty good job today. Raiders are real physical, of course coming off a big win last week. I was proud of the way we ran the ball and played good in the red zone on both sides and handled the turnover situation a lot better than we did last week. So a tough win, but a good win, and we kind of turn the page and get back into the division this week. They’re a good football team and fortunately we were able to play well in the second half and make a few more plays than they did, and that was the difference."

Chris Forsberg asks Stevan Ridley what he saw on his third-quarter Touchdown run.

"Green grass, man, and a lot of it," he said with a big smile.

"[The holes were] huge, man," said Ridley. "The offensive line did an awesome job. Like I said, those were the biggest holes I’ve ever seen in my life. So I just had to keep running and hit them at full speed."

"With our coaching staff, they’re going to get it right each week," he said. "We know that. Going into each game, they're going to have the best plan on the field. So whatever they ask us to do -- if it's more run one week or more pass another -- we have to go out there and execute what they want us to do.

"I’m just trying to make the most of my opportunities -- just do my part and pull my load."

Ian Rapoport notes Bill Belichick's description of Vince Wilfork's prowess at picking off passes.

"Vince has got great hands - people don’t realize that because he’s not a skill player, but he can catch the ball, catch punts and everything else," Belichick said of Wilfork. "When he gets his hands on it, he’s like a vacuum cleaner - he sucks it right in there. But, that was a big play for us and great awareness on Vince’s part."



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  • Ian Rapoport Patriots Notebook: Jerod Mayo suffered a sprained MCL and may miss up to six weeks; Vince Wilfork came up big again, with a pick of Jason Campbell and a 19-yard rumble; Wes Welker was on fire with 9 catches for 158 yards; Danny Woodhead appeared to have sprained his ankle; Kyle Love went down in a heap but was only shocked, not hurt, and returned for the second half; Taylor Price was active but didn't play.
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