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New England Patriots Links 10/06/11 - Patriots Preparing For Jets at Their Best

Bill Belichick is preparing for a Jets team at its best, not the one that got badly beaten by the Ravens.

I think any time you analyze a team, you try to look at their strengths and weaknesses – you know, what do they do well, what do you have to stop, what don't they do well, where do you have a chance to attack. You try to balance that off. You certainly have to defend the things that they're good at and try to neutralize those somehow or have some way to deal with them. There's obviously plays that you think you can run that are going to be successful based on whatever weaknesses or matchups you feel like are in your favor. It's a combination of those two things.

I mean obviously [last Sunday] wasn't one of their better days. We've all been there before. But I think on balance, when you look at the football team across the board, not just a handful of plays, but you look at them across the board, they're a solid team and they do a lot of things well. We've all had our good days and our bad days. But I'm impressed with them and I have a lot of respect for them.

Tom Brady addresses what he expects from the Jets this Sunday.

Pretty much what we get from them every time we play them. They're a tough team [and] they're physical. I think they lead the league in a bunch of defensive categories. They're very challenging to play. They have been - it's always the Jets - since I got here 12 years ago; they're challenging. It's a fun game to be a part of. I hope we can go out there and play better than the last time we played them.

[Their defense is] good - they were good last year, they're good this year, and they were good two years ago. I think as long as Rex [Ryan] is coaching that team they're going to have good defense. They have a lot of good defensive players - David Harris and Bart [Scott]. [They have] a good front, corners can cover - safeties - [Jim] Leonhard, [Eric] Smith, and Brodney [Pool] have given us problems so it's a good team.