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Al Davis: Football Owner, Football Legend

You won't see another NFL owner like Al Davis ever again. That guy was one in a million. Press conference gold, soundbyte city, and as eccentric as they come. But, in spite of some of his recent antics, he was also one of the most important, influential figures that there will ever be in terms of making football what it is today. It is absolutely impossible to overstate how crucial he has been in not only the completion of the NFL/AFL merger, but forging professional football into the sports and media juggernaut it is today. You may not have agreed with his personnel moves or fashion sense, but you can't argue that he was a great owner and a great man.

Al Davis's entire life was football and the Raiders, and he did things his way. I'm almost sorry that the last football game he was able to watch was a beatdown by the Patriots at home. If only we had played Oakland Week 3 and he could have watched the Raiders slap the Jets around last Sunday. Now that's the way to go.

Thanks for everything, Mr. Davis. You won't soon be forgotten. Here's hoping the Raiders organization retires your black jumpsuit.