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Patriots Fantasy Sleeper: Aaron Hernandez/Rob Gronkowski

Each week, for the rest of the 2011 NFL Season, we'll preview one fantasy player on the Patriots roster who is a "sleeper" for the upcoming week.

Darrelle Revis and the Jets have made it perfectly well known that they are out to stop Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker today.  It makes sense - Welker has been destroying NFL defenses all season long.  But the thing that makes this Patriots offense really unique is that they have so many different types of weapons that can hurt you on a consistent basis.

My guess is that the Jets are going to stick Revis on Welker for the majority of the game.  Kyle Wilson has proven capable this year, and he will likely be matched up on the outside on either Deion Branch or Aaron Hernandez, playing a decent amount of snaps.  Antonio Cromartie is the other starter and he will take the player who Wilson doesn't cover or vice-versa.

Either way you put it, the Patriots have four players who are capable receivers.  The team's two tight ends, Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski, are match-up nightmares.  The Jets have three capable cornerbacks, meaning that either a safety or linebacker is likely to cover whoever is left over from Aaron Hernandez or Rob Gronkowski.

The Patriots' tight ends are destined to have a big day today.  If the Jets think that the 5'8" inch Jim Leonhard can neutralize the 6'7" Rob Gronkowski, they are sadly mistaken.  When it comes to setting your fantasy line-ups this week, starting either Patriots tight end seems like a safe bet (I don't think Hernandez' knee injury will prevent him from playing.)