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New England Patriots Links 11/01/11 - James Ihedigbo 'Fired Up' to Prove Defense is Better than the Film

Chris Forsberg reports James Ihedigbo made it clear that the only thing that matters to this defense is the bottom line.

"I’ve never been around a group that wants to win more than the guys in this locker room," said Ihedigbo. "And winning is everything. We work too hard during the week and we watch too much tape, we study too much as a group to come up on the short end during a week that we put so much effort and preparation into. We’re definitely going to have chip on shoulder this week. I know our defense, we’re fired up. We're ready to go."

"You watch that tape and it’s nothing we want to represent us as a defense," he said. "As a team, we watched that, and everyone had that look on their face, like, 'That isn’t us.' What we put on tape isn’t us. We’ll correct that, and come out next week ready to show how the New England Patriots play defense."

Shallise Manza Young notes Patrick Chung was a bit encouraged that the Patriots still found a way to stay in the game after watching the film from Sunday.

Chung said the Patriots gave up "just a couple of big plays. I mean, we played good, we executed at times - most times. All it takes is a couple of big plays.’

"Man, that’s any team, any defense [can give up big plays]. If you’re playing a great game and give up a couple of big plays, that could be the difference in the game. So we need to get better at that.’’

"[I'm] definitely encouraged," Chung said. "We played a good game. [The Steelers] just played a better one. They had more big plays than we did. We played a good game, they played a better game, and they got the best of us."