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Leigh Bodden Has Surgery

Mystery solved, gang. Last week, Patriots cornerback Leigh Bodden was released to much confusion. Quickly, reports surfaced that he had expressed his unhappiness with his decreased role on the Patriots defense. After Bodden missed last season due to injury, The Patriots started the season with rookie Ras-I Dowling playing across from sophomore Devin McCourty, and with Leigh Bodden as the #3 cornerback. However, when Dowling went down with an injury, Bodden never ascended to the #2 spot as Kyle Arrington leapfrogged into the starting line-up. Bodden's agent has a reason:

Leigh Bodden had successful surgery this morning to correct a herniated disk in his lower back that he injured week 1 against the Dolphins

Bodden had been hampered by an injury all season and was unable to play to his fullest potential. When the Patriots released him, there were large question marks as to why he was not claimed off of waivers. This injury is clearly the reason. The Patriots must have been unhappy with his attitude and realizing that Bodden was injured for the full season, instead of IRing Bodden for a second season, they determined that the release of the cornerback was the best route for the team to take.

So that's some basic relief- Bodden wouldn't have been much help for the rest of the season due to his injury. It's just unfortunate that it had to happen at the same time that Dowling was placed on the IR. Hopefully Bodden will have a speedy recovery, but at least now more light has been placed upon the situation. Bodden was unhappy, injured, and the Patriots did not think it was worth their time to have Bodden on the IR for two seasons so, if and when he returned, he would have not played football for two seasons.

Makes sense.