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Patriots Midterm Grades: Pats Pulpit Final Report Card

Over the course of the past week, with the Patriots at the midway point of their 2011 season, we've taken a look at five different aspects of the Patriots performance thus far and have had the community evaluate them with a letter "grade."  Here's what you, the Pats Pulpit readers, have come up with:

Passing Offense Final Grade: B- (Greg's Grade: B+)

Fan's Take (Rebop): "I Gave them a "C." Harsh perhaps, but I am weighting my grade toward more recent performance. At this point in the season I really don’t care that they racked up half a billion aerial yards on the Phins in week one. As of late it’s taken them too long to find a groove, and there have been too many drive killing interceptions once they do. I’d call it a C+ or B- at best at the moment."

Rushing Offense Final Grade: C+ (Greg's Grade: B)

Fan's Take (Middlesex):  "We loaded up at RB in the 2011 draft, And they’ve gotten next to nothing in the 1st half of the season. We’re using the BJGE/Woodhead tandem better than we were late last year, meaning mostly BJGE with Woodhead snuck in there. We still have veteran Kevin Faulk(unless we IR him) and the rookies, Stevan Ridley(3rd round) and Shane Vereen(2nd round). We need to utilize these guys better in the 2nd half of the year to keep defenses more honest against both the pass and the run."

Rushing Defense Final Grade: C+ (Greg's Grade: B)

Fan's Take (brady12mvp3): "I gave them a soft B. They do pretty good against the run but I think its because teams just pass at will on this terrible defense."

Passing Defense Final Grade: D- (Greg's Grade: D-)

Fan's Take (TONYBOI08): "If it wasn't for Arrington this group would have an F."

Coaching Final Grade: C- (Greg's Grade: C+)

Fan's Take (WRMaurer): "Last year was to be a rebuilding year but we went 14-2. Injuries made this year a rebuilding year too. Teams have caught on [somewhat] to the Brady offense. Only Welker has been able to get open. Preperations have been made for a transition: Ridley, Price, Vereen, Tate but it hasn’t worked. There is still no pass rush. LB and the OL seems on the upswing; stars at TE; strong at backup QB and OK at RB. We can’t rely on Brady to carry us but who wants to say let’s not do this anymore. Noy me B."