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New England Patriots Links 11/14/11 - With Series Sweep, Pats End Jets Streak in New York

Bill Belichick gives the players all the credit for the win last night.

It's really great to come down here and win. We're proud of our players. So many guys stepped up today. Really, everybody that dressed played a huge role in the victory. We had a good week of practice and our preparation was good. I thought we did a pretty good job of executing against a good team. They won three straight. They were on a big roll here. It took a good effort to win tonight, but our guys did it for us. All the credit needs to go to the players. They really prepared well (and) never got down even though we lost a couple of tough games. (They) kept the attitude up, kept the preparation up, practiced well and came out here and competed as hard as they could tonight. They really deserved it. They were the better team tonight. Our players did a great job. Give them the credit and now we need to turn the page and we've got another big one on Monday night. It's good to walk out of here with a win.

Andre Carter speaks to the media about his 4.5 sack team record-setting performance.

I tell everyone, I thank God for my performance. I also thank my family for constantly driving me, and the men that I play with. It's a great honor to play for such a great franchise.

It all boiled down to communication among the defensive line and the secondary. There were games where we were consistent for three quarters but not in the last quarter. This game was a great opportunity to put together a full game.

We are a team that goes out and finds a way to win. It was frustrating to lose two close games back to back. We had to look in the mirror and say to ourselves, "what will be our defining moment?" We just had to go out and play the game we are capable of playing.

Rob Ninkovich responds to a question about their preparation this week and playing with new players.

It was a huge week for us. We knew that this was for the division and that this is a hard place to play. We knew that it would be a hard game and that the Jets always come with their best stuff. We had to prepare for everything.

Our defense has been up and down from week to week, and hasn't been where we want it to be. It is a work in progress. The two previous losses were tough, and we had to bounce back. We knew this week was a huge week for our defense.

This was a great team win. When guys get hurt, somebody has to step in to whatever role they are asked to fill. Guys were injured and other players came in and did their job.