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New England Patriots Links 11/17/11 - Brady Talks When to Huddle-Up or Hurry-Up

<em>Tom Brady about to throw a TD against the Jets</em>.
Tom Brady about to throw a TD against the Jets.

Tom Brady talks a bit about why the Patriots offense only runs the no-huddle offense sporadically when it seems to give them success.

I would say our overall level of execution. I think the times that we've done it well, we've strung together a bunch of plays which has really allowed us to get the ball into the scoring area. It's hard to overcome penalties in those situations and we have opportunities to complete passes and we don't hit them. There are definitely things that are good about it and there are things that haven't been so good. We're trying to do the things that we've done well and try to do those more often.

Well we tried to run it in Dallas and didn't score a lot of points and we tried to run it in Pittsburgh and didn't score a lot of points. To me, it's more about the execution and the tempo of the game. I think if we execute well, whether we huddle or whether we don't huddle, we're going to be able to score points. Sometimes when you go out there and you try no-huddle and it doesn't work, you go ‘We're not doing that anymore, let's go back to huddling.' Then you guys say, ‘You guys didn't do much no-huddle this game.' And [we're] saying, ‘Well there's a reason, because it wasn't working. If it works, you stay with it. If it doesn't work, you move on.

Ian Rapoport talks with Jerod Mayo about how he handles players with whom he has zero experience.

"I can help by just talking to those guys, trying to calm them down and just communicate, make sure everyone’s on the same page. It’s a little different, but at the same time, we have that next-man-up mentality and I think those guys are stepping up."

"They’ve been here since training camp," Mayo said. "But we know those guys and we have confidence in those guys to get the job done and that’s what they did."

"You turn around and you talk to a position, pretty much. But we’re all family, we all work together and we all work together and put a lot of work in to get the job done."

"Now, it’s all about stringing them together," Mayo said. "We always talk about playing well in November and that’s what we’re trying to do."



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  • Julian Benbow says the two interceptions against the Jets show Rob Ninkovich comes up big when it counts - no matter how many balls he drops in practice.
  • Jeff Howe reports Rob Ninkovich has pushed himself and done well despite being the cliched underdog throughout his football life.
  • Chris Forsberg notes Sebastian Vollmer appears to be returning to the form that made him a second-team All-Pro last season.
  • Mike Reiss serves up some quick-hits from the media-access period in the Patriots locker room yesterday morning.
  • Mike Reiss looks at where the Patriots rank in key statistical categories, with the Chiefs' key stats included for comparison.
  • Mike Reiss tells us which players earned the Patriots practice players of the week award. This week a season-high seven players earned the honor.
  • Ian Rapoport Patriots Notebook: Marcus Cannon is done being sick and is all business working with the O-Line; CB Antwaun Molden is ready to go if Devin McCourty can't; The NFL took away Andre Carter's half sack (Bums!) and awarded it to Mark Anderson; Chiefs coach Todd Haley said he's always kept an eye on the Patriots to "see what's hot and working in the NFL"; Pats begin a stretch of games that could see them face a slew of woeful QBs; Jerod Mayo says "it's all about stringing [wins] together."
  • Boston Globe Patriots Notebook: Patriots have a research project to do on second-year QB Tyler Palko; Brady is prepared for whatever Romeo Crennel will throw at him; Marcus Cannon is ready, no matter which OL position he's asked to play; Andre Carter was named AFC Defensive player of the week; So far, Brady leads Pro Bowl voting in the AFC.
  • Kirk Minihane answers his weekly reader mailbag, touching on topics such as the Patriots, Paterno and Papelbon.
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  • ESPN Photos of Aaron Hernandez going through the ESPN "Car Wash" Tuesday, appearing on multiple shows.
  • Nick Koop reports Mercury Morris calls the Packers a 'credit to the sport' while calling the 2007 Patriots 'too much in your face.' What a joke.