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New England Patriots Links 11/18/11 - Logan Mankins Irritated With Penalties

Logan Mankins talks to the media about the challenges of running the no-huddle, his level of play this season, penalties and the running game.

Yeah, it gets pretty tiring but they're getting tired too, so that's the main thing. It's nice to do it occasionally when it's working good. We like it. The d-line, I think they get more tired than we actually do because they have to chase the ball. But it does get pretty tiring in there - you don't have the rest between plays like in the huddle.

Of course [it perks us up a bit when he sees the defensive linemen wearing down]. You like those guys to be tired, they can't go as fast. Occasionally they substitute guys in there and then we're tired and they're not, so that's the disadvantage I guess.

[My level of play this year has] been pretty good, except for the penalties - that's kind of irritating. And then there have been a couple other plays that I wish I could do over.

I don't know [why there have been a number of penalties]. Those false starts, they are just something that shouldn't happen but they have happened. Hopefully I could not have any more of those.

That [holding penalty last week] was a horrible call. And I'm not even saying that to be funny, it was just horrible.

At times [the running game] has been up and down this year. Last week, I liked the way we ran the ball; the outcome wasn't as good as we wanted, not as many yards. I think we stuck to the run, we got 28 runs or so, so that's always good to get that number of runs. They were trying to stop the run too. They had guys down there - played a lot of five man fronts so they didn't want us to run the ball and we kept trying to run the ball so that's always good. As long as you get a lot of carries, you give yourself a good chance to win the game.

Chris Gasper gives us his three keys for the Patriots to beat the Chiefs on Monday night.

1. Patriots must win the battle of wits against some old friends

2. Contain dangerous Kansas City wideout Dwayne Bowe

3. Stop the Chiefs running game



  • Ian Rapoport reports the Patriots offense has focused on being sane when it all collapses, but to be able to do that takes poise and planning.
  • Christopher Price thinks the Patriots will likely have lots of no-huddle chances against the Chiefs.
  • Chris Forsberg questions whether the Patriots and QB Tom Brady in too much of a rush to score.
  • Chris Forsberg looks at Belichick vs. QBs making their first start.
  • Mike Reiss and Chris Forsberg debate which unit is the most critical to the Patriots' success from now through the playoffs, offense or defense.
  • Shalise Manza Young gives us some details on the obscure players that have been forced into prominent roles on defense.
  • Christopher Price charts out who has been Tom Brady's favorite receiver through nine games.
  • Mike Reiss offer a game-by-game breakdown of the Patriots base vs. sub defense.
  • Christopher Price highlights Logan Mankins' presser, including a direct shot at him.
  • Chris Forsberg charts out the 15 times the Patriots have been flagged for false start penalties this season.
  • Mike Reiss shares some follow-up thoughts on Thursday night's Jets-Broncos game, and how it relates to the Patriots.
  • Ian Rapoport Patriots Notebook: Tom Brady plays the Chiefs for the first time since tearing his ACL on the first series of the season; Josh Barrett has struggled this year with injuries; Sterling Moore played every snap of the Patriots' prime-time win over the Jets in NY; Brandon Deaderick showed some versatility, playing inside as a tackle and helping key a pas-rush that created five sacks; Deion Branch doesn't expect iRomeo Crennel's experience with the Patriots will matter much Monday night.
  • Julian Benbow Patriots Notebook: Logan Mankins is frustrated about the number of holding calls he's received - both deserved and undeserved; Josh Barrett is disappointed with his injury-plagued season; Injury update - Wes Welker was limited with a knee injury.
  • Jim Lazar is disappointed Matt Cassel "wussed out" of facing the Patriots Monday night (he's kidding) and makes his Week 11 picks. Pats, 44-14.
  • The Boston Globe staff make their Week 11picks.  Four out of five pick the Patriots to win.  Chris Gasper picks Kansas City.



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