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New England Patriots Links 11/22/11 - Patriots Often Imitated, Never Equaled in 34-3 Rout of Chiefs

<em>Rob Gronkowski was at his usual beast-like best, scoring two touchdowns last night</em>.
Rob Gronkowski was at his usual beast-like best, scoring two touchdowns last night.

Vince Wilfork is asked if this win is another step forward for his defense.

It's a step in the right direction. Each week you get tougher and tougher. I think you have to be able to move forward and get better each week because the opponents get tougher, games get tougher. Later in the season, you have to be able to win ball games in November and December, so that's where we are. It wasn't perfect out there, but at the same time, we made a lot of plays tonight and it's very exciting to give up just three points as a defense, which was very exciting. We put a lot of emphasis on coming out and attacking third down and certain situations and I think we just came up big. Turnover's helped. Sacks helped. Guys just doing their jobs – that's the main thing. Guys stepped up big when we needed it. We had some guys down where, coming into this game, guys knew we had to be out there and make plays. And they got through it with a lot of confidence – a lot of confidence and it showed tonight. You can't take anything away from these guys. They work hard and there is just so much trust. I mean, the commitment to this team is everything for us, and it showed tonight.

James Ihedigbo responds to a question about the impressive defensive performance despite missing several starters.

"It's a testament to guys stepping up. It's great when you have the depth where key guys can go down and then you can have a performance like this on defense and especially in the secondary. Hats off to Kyle Arrington for having the performance that he did. And Phillip Adams, he played outstanding all game and ended up with a key interception down there in the red zone. And [Antwaun] Molden played great, too."

"Oh, of course [turnovers can bring a defense together]. Any time you're playing a team where you have the mindset that you're going to dominate and going out there and actually doing it. Our offense is explosive and our goal on defense is to get them the ball as much as we can. When we go out and do that and you have big plays like that, it's great. Brings the defense close and it's a lot of energy."

Marcus Cannon gets emotional after being asked about seeing the field for the first time.

"The coaching staff gave me a chance to play and it was awesome."