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New England Patriots Links 11/23/11 - Brady, Branch: Slow Starts Need to Stop

<em>The Eagles may have to watch out for Patriots' scrambling QB Tom Brady.</em>
The Eagles may have to watch out for Patriots' scrambling QB Tom Brady.

Tom Brady looks back at the execution of the offense against Kansas City and says they have to do a better job Sunday against tougher competition in the Eagles.

Our execution early on obviously wasn’t very sharp. we just weren’t on the same page collectively as a group. I thought once we settled into the game and got to the stuff that we felt really good about, we did a much better job of executing. Obviously, that produces points.

Early on it was just tough. They threw a bunch of different things at us and we were just kind of out of sorts. But I thought we responded well there in the second half. I always say it’s hard to win in the NFL. To win 34-3 was pretty good for us coming off really an emotional win against the Jets and then a tough loss at home two weeks ago. Now it’s on to the Eagles.

Deion Branch knows the Patriots have to get back to starting fast.

"[Chiefs defensive coordinator Romeo] Crennel came in with a great game plan, but the thing is our execution was our fault," Branch said. "The plays that were messing up on, whether it be protection, whether it be getting the right plays, somebody releasing on a certain route, that was all of us.

"There was nothing that they were doing that was really stopping us within those first four possessions. I’m not taking anything away from them, they have a great team, great coordinator who came in and had a great game plan. But if we go out and just execute our plays the way we know we can, you’ll see the output you saw in that second half."

"We have to get back to starting fast like we did in the past. … We have to get back into that form of doing what we supposed to do in the first half when we get the ball going down for a touchdown. Starting fast, in the first half and also the second half, that’s the most important thing, and maybe it just comes with figuring what we need to do to change a couple things here and there."



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