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Patriots' Play of the Game: Julian Edelman Return Touchdown

The Patriots had their fare share of big plays on Monday night against the Kansas City Chiefs, but arguably none as big as Julian Edelman's punt return touchdown in the third quarter.

In 2010, it seemed that the Patriots were coming up with either a return touchdown or defense touchdown almost every game.  In 2011, the Patriots just haven't had that same spark.  The team's kick return unit has performed very sub-par, and the punt return unit hasn't had much to speak of either.

In the third quarter against the Chiefs on Monday night, the Patriots finally got that spark back.   With the Patriots up 17-3, Dustin Colquitt of the Chiefs punted the ball from his own 17 yard line.  Julian Edelman took the deep 56 yard punt and nearly broke the ankles of Chiefs defender Jalil Brown with an excellent juke.

Edelman then found a hole that was secured by the likes of Wes Welker, Matt Slater, and Nick Koutouvides and raced past the rest of the Chiefs' coverage unit for a 72 yard punt return touchdown.

After the game, Patriots coach Bill Belichick acknowledged the importance of the play, stating that "it was a big play in the game, I think it really - I don't want to say put it out of reach - but it certainly put a big gap in the game."

Link to video of return