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Week 11 Game Ball: Rob Gronkowski

Sorry for the late post on this, but I suppose late is better than never.

In week 11 against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Patriots had a lot of good performers, but no one who stood out as a definite game ball winner.  In the end, I considered Rob Gronkowski, Kyle Arrington (2 interceptions), Tom Brady (two touchdowns after shaky start), and Jerod Mayo (11 tackles, best game of the year).

Ultimately, I decided to go with Rob Gronkowski, the second year tight end who has continued his dominant stretch of performances with a four catch, 96 yard game that included two touchdowns.  His 52 yard catch and carry in the second quarter gave New England its first touchdown of the game.  His second half scamper into the end zone put the score at 17-3.

In just ten games this season, Gronkowski has 56 receptions for 805 yards and ten touchdowns.  It took Gronkowski a full sixteen games to reach that touchdown mark in his rookie campaign, and he didn't even come close on the other receiving numbers.

The fact of the matter is that, in just his second year, Rob Gronkowski has established himself as one of the most consistent and most skilled all-around tight ends in the league.  In fact, you would have a hard time arguing that there is any tight end in the league with as complete a game as Gronkowksi.