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New England Patriots Links 11/28/11 - Patriots Give Eagles Rude Awakening in Philly

Tom Brady wasn't completely happy with the performance of the offense but saw improvement over last week and appreciated the balanced way they were able to attack.

"I thought it was okay, I thought our execution was a little better. It's good to come on the road and get a win, it's a team [Philadelphia Eagles] that has obviously a lot of very good players and I thought getting down 10-0 and then rallying and coming back like we did, showed a little bit of mental toughness, which we've shown consistently throughout the year."

"I thought we did a pretty good job executing it, I thought there were a few drives where we had more of an opportunity and we missed some plays in the passing game which you know we stopped a field goal, mainly the one before half-time, but our no-huddle was somewhat effective. More importantly I think the run game complemented the pass game and we really balanced it out."

Mike Rodak shares some quick-hit soundbites from the Patriots locker room following Sunday's win over the Eagles.

Rob Gronkowski on another road blowout win: "That's the greatest feeling, when it's only New England fans left in the road games. All the New England fans in the front row all cheering you on. Can't be a better feeling leaving the game. Especially when it's like eight minutes left in the fourth quarter."

Jerod Mayo on defense's improvement: "I think we started a little slow on defense in the beginning of the game and then we just had to settle down. The sideline made some great adjustments and it really paid off for us. It worked out for us and we played better."

Kyle Arrington on defensive adjustments: "I think the Eagles offense at first had a lot of quick throws and they were working. I think we needed to press them more and it worked. We felt that we needed to mix the coverages up more and make the Eagles earn it."

James Ihedigbo on allowing long catch. "It wasn't a communication thing or a mental error. It was just they made a play. It's the National Football League. Guys, they get paid too to make plays, and they made a play."

Matt Light on long drives: "It's always good to go long drives. It's demoralizing. You go out there and keep dialing it up. Taking 12, 13 snaps, move it down the field. It's a good deal."