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AFC East Standings: Week 8

An updated look at the AFC East Standings following week 8 of the 2011 NFL season:

1. Buffalo Bills: 5-2, Division: 1-0 | Last Week: 23-0 W over Redskins

The Bills are once again at the top of the AFC East, following a dominant victory over the now 3-4 Washington Redskins. Buffalo has only played one divisional game, but that game gives them the tie-breaker over the 5-2 New England Patriots. The Bills take on the 4-3 Jets on Sunday, and that game should say a lot about how the rest of the season will unfold in the AFC East division race.

2. New England Patriots: 5-2, Division: 2-1 | Last Week: 25-17 L to Steelers

Things aren't looking as bright in New England after a 25-17 loss to Pittsburgh - a game where they were dominated in every phase of the game. While they are currently losing the tie-breaker to the 5-2 Bills in the AFC East, they still hold their own destiny at this point in time. New England faces a tough match-up in the 5-2 New York Giants this week, another loss could really set this team back.

3. New York Jets: 4-3, Division: 1-1 | Last Week: 27-21 W over Chargers

The Jets have somehow managed to string together back-to-back wins after starting 2-3 and now have a chance to make a real statement with a road game against the division leading Buffalo Bills. The Jets also hold their own destiny, as potential back-to-back wins over division rivals Buffalo and New England would put them in the driver's seat in the AFC East race.

4. Miami Dolphins: 0-7, Division: 0-2 | Last Week: 20-17 L to Giants

The Dolphins have proven to be a competitive team. The Dolphins have also proved they have mastered the ability to lose in every way possible. Patriots fans should probably be rooting for the Phins to win some games at this point, as I don't think any Patriots fan would want to see the Dolphins land Andrew Luck.