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New England Patriots Links 11/30/11 - O'Brien: Third Wide Receiver a Week-to-Week Deal

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Bill Belichick talks up all that is good about the Indianapolis Colts.

On to Indianapolis here, I think there are certainly a lot of things that are familiar with this team: their schemes and a lot of the players that we saw from last year. Of course there are few new faces in there too, some guys that we usually see a lot of that aren't in there as much for injury reasons or they're not on the team anymore. It's still a very familiar scheme and they do a good job.

They're well coached. I think their coaching staff does a good job of creating the same problems that they always create offensively with their no huddle and their check-with-me program. They have a lot of hard guys to defend there, of course starting with [Reggie] Wayne, they do a good job each game of spreading the ball around, getting it to their receivers, their tight ends, the backs as well, changing the tempo on you. Defensively, of course, the ends, [Antoine] Bethea, I think their young linebackers have done a good job too. [Pat] Angerer has really come on and he's done a real nice job for them.

They're an active, aggressive front that is quick and fast, very athletic – different from what we've seen from some other teams that are bigger, stronger type guys. These guys have real good movement and the linebackers run well. Those are some of the things that we'll have to be ready for. Of course, they have an outstanding field goal and clutch kicker. Those things we have to be ready for here this week.

Bill O'Brien touches on the third wide receiver position and the development of Taylor Price.

Yeah, it's basically definitely a week-to-week deal. It's based on a lot of different things. It's based on practice, it's based on the game plan, it's based on the health of each position. We'll have to see how it goes because, to be honest with you, it's real early in the week and we're still game planning this game right now and we'll see how it goes starting tomorrow.

I just believe that not one person can fill exactly one role. I think it adds to the diversity of the offense when a lot of different guys contribute to different roles.

We're moving onto Indy. We'll see who's ready to go on Wednesday when we go into practice tomorrow and start entering the game plan. It's a week-to-week deal and this week it could be somebody different. It could be Taylor, it could be Ocho [Chad Ochocinco], it could be Tiquan [Underwood], it could be somebody you've never heard of. That's kind of the beauty of what we do. At some point in time, hopefully every one of those guys will contribute to what we're trying to get done.

All those guys at that position, it's how you practice, it's how you study, the opponent, the game plan and being able to go out there on the practice field and do it consistently every day. I think all those guys try to do that and try to be consistent and that's why it's been a pretty good position for us this year. Taylor is trying to fit into that position and he's working at it and hopefully he'll get there.



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