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New England Patriots Links 11/04/11 - Patriots Need to Start Playing the Price

<em>I'm ready for the Taylor Price era to begin</em>.
I'm ready for the Taylor Price era to begin.

Christopher Price reports Taylor Price is excited to get on the field.

"Obviously I’m excited to get on the field more," Price said before practice on Thursday. "It’s never a good situation to stay on the sidelines and watch your team play. You always want to be in the game and be in close games and go into battle and go into war with your teammates. Nothing has changed for me. I’m going to keep going to practice every day. Keep preparing every day. Keep working hard."

"[Building trust with the QB is] a big part of it, obviously. He runs the show," Price said of developing a rapport with Tom Brady. "Get on the same page with him and you’re good to go after that." "I’ve always had a confidence in myself. In my game. And it’s just a matter of getting comfortable with the offensive system and getting comfortable with the quarterback and get on the same page. Just being there and just being reliable for the quarterbacks to go to and just being reliable like that."

"I’m healthy. I’m feeling good. My legs are feeling good," Price said. "That’s a big part of it. I can be out there for more consistent practices, back to back and games back-to-back, and just like I said, be more consistent. Be out there more so there’s not that inconsistency factor. If you see someone out there day to day and they’re improving every day, that’s a good sign."

Devin McCourty is asked if being tested so much will help the secondary eventually respond and turn it around.

I think our outlook is really that we're going to get better. We really don't worry about what everybody else says. We're just trying to get better and we're trying to do it as soon as possible. When we go out there today we're going to have that urgency at practice to get better. [We're] trying to make sure it keeps coming over on Sundays, not just for a week, not for two weeks but that we can be consistent stringing each game together.

[To speed up the improvement process] you just have to work. I wish there was a way we could just press a button or something, but it's just hard work and I think time, putting the extra effort into it, watching film together - doing all that stuff I think will play off for us. Q: How important is it to watch film together? DM:

Definitely I think that's key - just watching [film] together so now you're not guessing on what you think another guy on the field is going to do or guessing on what you think he sees. We're able to talk about it - that's sometimes where you can find a problem that could happen on Sunday, you find it right there in the meeting room and you can talk about it and get it fixed right there.