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New England Patriots Links 11/08/11 - Fixing What's Off on Offense as Focus Turns to Jets

<em>A win Sunday is all on your shoulders, Tom</em>.
A win Sunday is all on your shoulders, Tom.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis is asked Monday about the lack of offensive execution against the Giants.

"I don’t even know -- my mind just went blank. I’m only focused on the Jets."

Christopher Price gets Christian Fauria's perspective on Brady and New England's limited passing game.

"I think you really need one more guy who is going to catch 35 balls who isn’t a tight end," Fauria said. "That was supposed to be Chad. But if anyone thought Chad was brought in here to be Randy Moss, circa 2007, they’re out of their mind. He doesn’t have that ability. "

"Chad was brought in here to be Jabar Gaffney. The thinking is that Welker is our guy, we love our tight ends, Deion is a consistent route runner but he’s not the No. 1 read anymore. You need a threatening No. 3 receiver behind Welker and Branch," he added. "That’s what Gaffney was.

"You would think that Ochocinco would have been that x factor for this passing game, especially as someone on the perimeter that can scare some people. Not a burner that can go deep and separate himself, but someone who still makes a defense go, ‘Oh, crap, we have to get after him.’"

"On Sunday, Chad still had one really nice route, a slant where the defender made a really nice play on the ball," Fauria said. "What was he, targeted five times last week? The Patriots need to target him 10 times. You need to threaten people with him. They went to him in some key situations on Sunday ... that’s the sign of an important play. They need to challenge him."

Boomer Esiason offers his insight into why the Patriots offense was held to 20 or less points for the third consecutive week.

"Opposing teams now know how to stop Tom Brady," Esiason said. "He was harassed, he threw interceptions, he fumbled. The Giants defense seemed like they were swarming all over the place, especially in the first half. And then when you watch the performance last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers, you say the same thing. He was harassed. He was beat up."

"What people are saying about the Patriots, especially offensively, is that most of the completions come inside the numbers," Esiason said. "They’re 15, 16, 17 yards or less. There’s not a lot of outside completions. "Completing a lot of these passes inside the numbers to tight ends, to Wes Welker who had yet another great game yesterday is starting to … People are allowing that to happen because they don’t have to worry about any outside threat whatsoever."