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New England Patriots Links 11/09/11 - Haynesworth Out of the Rotation; Personnel Moves Under Fire

Jeff Howe reports Warren Sapp slammed Albert Haynesworth for being an overrated DT who was too lazy to live up to his $100 million contract with the Redskins or revive his career under Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

"If anybody can, [Belichick] can," Sapp told "The last thing you want to do is show up and be a turd that Belichick cuts. But that's what he was."

"Who picked Leigh Bodden up?" Sapp said of the former Patriots cornerback who hasn't been signed since getting released two weeks ago. "That's normally what happens. When the genius and the master says you're no good, the league always says, 'I agree with you.' A hundred million dollars couldn't motivate you, and neither could Bill Belichick. Who wants this challenge?"

Nick Caserio responds to a question about whether he sees enough talent in the secondary

I think anybody that's on this football team we have a lot of confidence in and that's why they're here. When they've played guys have had opportunities. We've had a number of guys that have made plays and I think they wouldn't be here if we didn't feel good about them. At different points, different people have been out there - some of that's been circumstance, some guys have been healthy for each game, some haven't been available. Players are on this team we feel confident in and everybody's job is to prepare every week as if they're going to play because really you never know when that opportunity is going to come up. I would say that's the case.

Bill O'Brien dismisses the suggestion that the Patriots don't have a legitimate deep threat on offense.

I don't really agree with that. I think we have guys that can stretch the field. We have guys that are good vertical receivers, some guys that do a little bit of both, intermediate receivers, short receivers - as far as short area, you know, as far as the zones are concerned. So I don't necessarily agree with that. I just think we just have to do a better job of coaching, playing and a lot better in actually showing what we're capable of doing. Hopefully we do that this week. 



  • Greg A. Bedard believes that if there's a perfect time for the Patriots offense to get out of its funk, Sunday night's game against the Jets is it.
  • Chris Forsberg focuses on prepping for the Jets rematch.
  • Ian Rapoport reports on the end of the Albert Haynesworth Era, that began with such fanfare.
  • Christopher Price takes a closer look at the Patriots decision to release Albert Haynesworth.
  • Bob Ryan says we all knew the pros and cons from the start, but the time has come to say 'uncle' on Albert.
  • Mike Reiss notes that the release of Albert Haynesworth is not a surprise given what unfolded in Sunday's loss to the Giants.
  • Chris Gasper writes Albert Haynesworth lived up to his reputation, saying all the right things and then doing virtually nothing.
  • Jeff Howe claims Haynesworth's actions never backed up his words.
  • Greg A. Bedard points out even though Haynesworth is a lost cause, it doesn't mean Chad Ochocinco is.
  • Jim Donaldson says unfortunately, Albert was just dead weight.
  • Tom E. Curran notes that between Haynesworth, Bodden, Ellis and Ochocinco, the Patriots have taken a flamethrower to $16 million of Bob Kraft's money.
  • Chris Forsberg examines the final snaps of Albert Haynesworth's career with the Patriots.
  • Karen Guregian declares the gamble on Haynesworth a colossal failure and points to one more strike out by Belichick.
  • Mark Farinella sees the foundation beginning to crack due to the litany of mistakes in judgment by Bill Belichick.
  • Bill Reynolds discovers all of a sudden it's like the emperor has no clothes.
  • Chris Forsberg notes Bill O'Brien took umbrage with the suggestion that the Patriots are lacking a deep threat in its receiver corps.
  • Chris Forsberg reports OL Ryan Wendell's first appearance in the game came the series after Dan Connelly's bad shotgun snap.
  • Mike Reiss looks at where the Patriots rank in key statistical categories, and compares them with the Jets.
  • Chris Forsberg points out the disappointing Patriots' return game, that ranks 30th in the league in kickoff returns.
  • Mike Reiss checks in with how the former Patriots are doing that were with the team during Training Camp.
  • NESN Photo Gallery: They weren't who we thought they were.
  • Mike Reiss answers his weekly reader mailbag: After a frustrating few weeks, fans are blaming Bill Belichick.
  • Monique Walker Patriots Notebook: There are 29 teams with a kickoff-return average better than the Patriots'; Pats released Dan Gronkowski and practice squadder Thomas Welch, and signed WR Tiquan Underwood, probably for returns; Ryan Wendell took snaps at center against the Giants but Belichick said that's not a reflection on Connolly's performance; It's uncertain how long Brandon Spikes will be out with a sprained MCL; Bill O'Brien said the team has plenty of good vertical receivers.
  • Karen Guregian Patriots Notebook: Mark Anderson says the Patriots are primed to rebound Sunday; Pats have had a revolving door of kick returners; Nick Caserio feels the team has enough talent in the secondary; Pats-Colts has been flexed out of prime-time to Sunday at 1 pm.