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New England Patriots Links 12/12/11 - Gronk Scores, White Tips, Mayo Makes the Save

<em>Rob Gronkowski spikes the ball after his record-setting TD Sunday.</em>.
Rob Gronkowski spikes the ball after his record-setting TD Sunday..

Rob Gronkowski says the team win means more than him getting a record.

I got the ball back and everything so it was cool and everything, but it's cool to get a record and everything but it really [doesn't] matter. We got the team victory. We got the W and that's all that matters coming out. The defense played well at the end of the game. They got that interception which was huge. Can't be any better than coming out with a victory."

On being a mismatch for defenses: "You just got to practice hard, you've got to run hard, and you got to go full speed at all times. It's the NFL. Those guys are big and those guys are all fast too so if you're not going full speed, they're just going to knock you down right away. They're going to get you down so just going full intensity the whole game."

Jerod Mayo talks about if the late success raises the confidence of the defense.

"A little bit, but at the same time we still want to put together a full game and, you know, it was good enough today, but it probably won't be good enough any other week."

On if he had his wind knocked out at the end of the game: "No, no, just a little cramp in the calf. Sometimes when it's cold outside you don't think you're sweating, but you really are."

Wes Welker gives his thoughts on the game.

"It was a hard-fought game. It was definitely a tough one. Luckily in the end we were able to come away with the victory. The defense stepped up big for us. We had a lot of mistakes out there, but in the end we came out with the victory and that is what matters."



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