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Week 14 Game Ball: Rob Gronkowski

This seems to be getting pretty routine, doesn't it? Another week and another game ball for Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. But I don't think "routine" would be the way to describe Gronkowski's performance against the Washington Redskins on Sunday.

Gronkowski recorded six receptions for 160 yards and two touchdowns for the Patriots. Gronkowski's first touchdown broke an all-time record for touchdowns in a season by a tight end, shattering the mark of 13 previously shared by Vernon Davis and Antonio Gates.

Gronkowski's 49 yard catch and run in the first quarter was one of the most amazing individual plays I've ever seen. Gronkowski caught a Tom Brady pass, fell to the ground without being touched, drags two Redskins defenders to the sideline, manages to stay inbounds, breaks another tackle before tripping up deep in Redskins territory. On the next play, Gronkowski scored on an 11 yard pass from Tom Brady to break the record.

Over the course of this season, Rob Gronkowski has gone from standout rookie, to rising star, to one of the NFL's best tight ends, to one of the league's best players. There's no denying Gronkowski's greatness - watching him play each Sunday is truly a privilege, and the Patriots are really fortunate to have this guy.

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