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New England Patriots Links 12/14/11 - Rob Gronkowski AFC Player of the Week

Bill Belichick addresses what makes the Broncos effective in the running game.

They have a lot of confidence in it. They call them, they don't get discouraged with it, they hang with it. They try to get it worked out if a play is not going well. They hit you on a lot of different points of attack, different scheme runs. Of course the quarterback has put up quite a few yards himself. Also their option plays, the option, dive option program, that type of thing. There's a lot of different ways they get that rushing yardage in bursts. They really test your defense all the way across the board from the pass rush contain the quarterback standpoint, to playing the normal run-block type of plays to their kind of specialty plays, element of Wildcat, quarterback scrambling, things like that. They get you on a lot of different levels.

Nick Caserio talks about what stands out and makes them a challenging opposition.

They have a lot of good football players. They're fast, they're good on defense, they have a good pass rush, they have good coverage players. They play fast, they play aggressively defensively. They have a lot of good players in the kicking game between [David] Bruton, [Wesley] Woodyard. They have a lot of fast guys that play on special teams and play in the kicking game as well. They have a lot of production from those guys. Offensively, they run the ball well. They lead the league in rushing yardage. They have a lot of good playmakers, they have a real consistent offensive line. Overall, they've got a good football team – offensively, defensively and special teams which is why they've been in games just about every week. Playing on the road is always a challenge and you're playing against a good football team that has won six in a row. In the end, we're going to have to go out there and play good football on Sunday and that's the goal.





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