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New England Patriots Links 12/26/11 - Second Half's the Charm

<em>Vince Wilfork and his defense held the fort until the offense could pick up the attack</em>.
Vince Wilfork and his defense held the fort until the offense could pick up the attack.

Vince Wilfork talks about being down 17-0 at halftime.

"We went to the sideline and talked. We said we only needed one play to get it started as a team. All the while, we never gave up on one another and never said anything negative to one another. Going down 17-0 is a pretty big deficit but once again, this team showed its character. We believed in one another and stepped up and once we got going, it seemed that all we needed was that one play. Once we got it, it opened up everything else on offense, special teams and defense. It was a great win for us and we still have room for improvement. Each week we are going to get better."

Brian Waters responds to a question on how the team overcame a 17-point deficit.

"One thing they say from the day you come in here is just do your job. And I think that we trust each other in that fact. There are no special things around here that are any different from anybody else, outside of everybody is just wondering about what they need to do and they take care of their business. The end result [is] we never panic. We never panic. There was no panic on the sideline. More people will probably think, 'You guys were too calm.' There wasn't any yelling, there wasn't any screaming, it was just about getting to the things that we knew we could do well and going after it after that."

Deion Branch says they were "looking for some sort of boost and needed a big play from our guys and we got it."

[The defense] played a 60-minute game. The offense went out and couldn't get it going. It just wasn't in sync at all in the first half. We let our defense down the entire first half. It's all about being a team. We stuck with it, came back and everything worked out for us."