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Patriots Make Some Roster Moves #MrReally

The New England Patriots have made some roster moves after beating the Miami Dolphins.

Safety Ross Ventrone (aka Rusty Benson, aka Mr. Really) has been released for the estimated 1,323,845th time since the start of the season. He will most likely be brought back to the practice squad. Ventrone is primarily a special teamer, although he received a few snaps at safety against the Dolphins. His release allows the Patriots to sign an additional player to the active roster, which is important with all of the recent injuries to the offensive line (look to practice squad player OT Matt Kopa who has received a few practice player accolades). Also, it could be a sign that Pat Chung is ready to return, but don't get your hopes up too quickly.

In addition, the Patriots have released practice squad player DT Cedric McKinley. McKinley was brought for depth and must not have been a fit. The Patriots still have two open places on the practice squad, so he must not have been the type of player the Patriots were looking for.

Should Ventrone be resigned with the practice squad, the Patriots will have one free spot on the active roster and two free positions on the practice squad. Don't be surprised if Malcolm Williams is resigned with the practice squad and/or if a free agent offensive lineman is signed for the final week of the season.