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Patriots Sign DB Malcolm Williams to Practice Squad

The Patriots have finalized another transaction. After moving defensive tackle Cedric McKinley off of the practice squad, the Patriots filled that roster spot with rookie 7th round pick defensive back Malcolm Williams. It was expected as Williams has spent time on-and-off the Patriots' roster as he's filled both practice squad positions and an active roster role. Williams was in line to receive a higher than normal contract for a practice squad player, which means that the Patriots greatly value his potential contributions to the team.

Williams was a back-up at TCU, but stunned scouts with one of the most impressive Pro Days prior to the draft. The Patriots drafted him purely on potential and his athleticism as he can play multiple positions on defense, as well as special teams. At 5-11, 200 pounds, Williams is extremely explosive for his size and the Patriots hope to groom him into a future role on the team. This is the Patriots 10th transaction involving Williams.

The Patriots also finalized the signing of fullback Lousaka Polite, and we've recently looked at the implications of the signing. The Patriots are left with two openings on the practice squad and are full on the active roster.