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Ventrone, Lavarias Signed to Practice Squad

The Patriots have announced the addition of two players to the team's practice squad this morning by re-signing both safety Ross Ventrone and defensive end / linebacker Aaron Lavarias.

Ventrone was released from the team's 54 53 man roster on Monday, and this transaction marks his 21st since training camp in August. But come on, you weren't expecting the Patriots to not re-sign him, were you?

Aaron Lavarias is an interesting name. Lavarias, a rookie free agent out of Idaho, spent training camp with the Patriots, where he split time between the defensive line and linebackers. He was released at the end of camp, and spent a couple of weeks on the Patriots practice squad before being released. Lavarias adds some depth to the Patriots' defensive line in practice, and could be someone to watch in 2012 if he sticks through the end of the season.

The two moves solidify the Patriots' practice squad at eight. Still, it's a bit interesting that the Patriots didn't seek to add a body at offensive tackle, considering the only healthy options the Patriots have at the position are Marcus Cannon and Nate Solder.