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New England Patriots Links 12/29/11 - Brady Chasing Buffalo, Not Brees

Tom Brady is only thinking about preparing for Buffalo, not his passing yards or beating any records.

I mean, you don't think about it much. You don't think about touchdowns or yards. What I like to think about is our offensive production and if we're getting the ball in the end zone, if we're winning games, if we're building on our performance week to week, if we're getting better over the course of the season. I think those are the things that are probably most on my mind. Personal records and anything like that, really in a team sport to me, there's just not any emphasis on those. We're trying to win team awards. That's certainly what you subscribe to you when you become a member of a team.

Bill Belichick is asked what is his favorite part of his defense.

Team defense, team defense - everybody doing their job. Could be a running play or a passing play or whatever it is but everybody doing their job. Guys on the edge doing their job, guys inside doing theirs, pass coverage, pass rush, run force, whatever it happens to be but just good team defense. That's when we play our best. It really doesn't matter what the play is, if we get good performance out of the entire unit that will be good. If we don't, they'll find areas and we'll break down. Team defense, easily.

Rob Gronkowski responds to a question about what the Patriots mindset is going into the regular season finale.

It's the mindset that it's another game. We've got to win this game, it's another big game and we don't like losing around here so we're taking this game [seriously]. We started our practices yesterday. We've got a big practice today [and] another big practice Thursday and Friday and we're going to be preparing for the Bills like it's any other game.



  • Chris Gasper offers three keys to a Patriots win Sunday: Win the turnover battle, give Tom Brady time to operate, and stop the Bills rushing attack.
  • Tom E. Curran points out how the Patriots are in front of the league's new TE tandem model, with Gronkowski and Hernandez set to go over 2000 combined receiving yards Sunday.
  • Steven Krasner reports the Pro Bowl isn't the goal for eight Patriots, but it sure feels good.
  • Chris Gasper believes the Patriots have to win a playoff game to prove they're not simply a regular-season team.
  • Ian Rapoport reports Sevan Ridley has seen more playing time late in the game, and takes pride in not turning the ball over.
  • Christopher Price writes Stevan Ridley has seen his workload increase steadily over the last month.
  • Dan Duggan notes Brian Waters has been a steadying force on an O-line that has been put to the test this season.
  • Christopher Price introduces us to new guy No. 36, FB Lousaka Polite.
  • Ron Borges praises the play of Matthew Slater, noting he has gone from an undersized fifth-round draft choice into a jack of all trades.
  • Christopher Price scouts potential playoff opponents: Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • Julian Benbow compares what Dan Marino's 5,000 yards could do for you in 1984, compared with 2011 where it might not even get you an MVP.
  • Mike Petraglia notes Bill Belichick was in no mood for talk of Dan Marino or passing records.
  • Mike Reiss highlights Bill Belichick breaking down a few key plays from the Patriots win against Miami.
  • Ian Rapoport Patriots Notebook: Tom Brady's absence from practice was not injury-related; Players react to their Pro Bowl selections; Gronkowski revealed that Aaron Hernandez is a first alternate; Lousaka Polite will do his "best to stick around"; Logan Mankins is out at least until the playoffs.
  • Julian Benbow Patriots Notebook: Tom Brady missed practice for non-injury resons but he had X-rays done to check for a separated left shoulder; Matthew Slater said he was nervous being called into Belichick's office, but was thankful for the good news about being named to the Pro Bowl for the first time; Lousaka Polite's role is still to be determined; Injury and practice updates.
  • Mike Reiss looks at the updated penalty watch, noting the rise in pass interference calls.
  • Tedy Bruschi was on The Herd on ESPN Radio on Wednesday and talked a bit about the Patriots. Here are some highlights.