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New England Patriots Links 12/05/11 - Tom Brady: 'The Middle Part of the Game was Awesome'

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Andre Carter responds to a question about giving up points at the end of the game.

"We just know that in the end, as a team, we have the talent and we have the mentality, we just have to finish strong. It's something that we have to communicate as a group and as a team, and move on from there."

"I think in general it's a mindset. It's just knowing what you have to do and going out there trying to execute. Unfortunately, towards the end, final stretch of the game, Indy was just able to make big plays and that is something we have to eliminate."

Jerod Mayo talks about where they are at this point in the season, and how they ended the game.

"We always talk about how you have to play your best football after Thanksgiving. That's what we are trying to do. Unfortunately, during the fourth quarter today we didn't do that."

"It's kind of disappointing to be honest with you. Even though it's a win and it's hard to win games in the National Football League, at the same time, you want to finish so much stronger than that."

James Ihedigbo knows the defense can play better.

"Even though we won this game and we're sitting here at 9-3, there is a lot that we have to work on. We know that and we're going to continue to gear up and get better. We can do some things but we have to get better to be able to do that."