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New England Patriots Links 12/06/11 - Theme For The Season's Final Quarter: Staying Focused

<em>Brady points to which part of the body he wants the team to keep in motion, heading into the final four games of the season</em>.
Brady points to which part of the body he wants the team to keep in motion, heading into the final four games of the season.

Bill Belichick addresses the media the day after the win over the Colts.

We went through the film here this morning; looked at it with the team this afternoon. I think we saw some good things yesterday; saw some other things that weren't so good. Hopefully we'll be able to put together 60 minutes of good football. That's our goal every week.

[We weren't running a 'prevent' defense in the fourth quarter]. No, we were running the same offense and the same defensive plays. Other than the last drive offensively and the last drive defensively, it was the same thing we did all game. Couldn't make a first down in the fourth quarter, couldn't keep them out of the end zone in the fourth quarter. They just did a better job than we did.

Tom Brady is asked how he felt about Sunday's performance.

Well, it’s just our inconsistency that’s showed up from time to time this year. We’ve really yet to play a 60-minute game. I’d really love to see what the outcome is if we do play a 60-minute game. But there’s things that haven’t really allowed us to be able to do that. And hopefully, we can get those things straightened out here going into this week’s game. We’ve won four straight. We had two pretty tough losses back to back six weeks ago. And then we’ve won four straight. We’re in a good position. We’ve obviously got some huge games ahead. What more could you ask for in the middle of December to be leading your division by a couple of games and really could put a lot of pressure if we go out and win this week on the competition?

Andre Carter talks about Bill Belichick turning receivers into part-time defensive backs.

"I never experienced anything like this throughout my career," Carter said. "This is actually a first for me, seeing guys that probably weren’t even on an NFL team end up getting signed and starting, to having guys on special teams, guys on the offensive side of the ball trying to help out or contribute. That’s just something that the coaches have faith in each individual and we just know that whoever’s back there, the front four or the seven-man in general, we’ve got to get there to help the guys out."



  • Ian Rapoport notes the players blamed the fourth quarter collapse on their lack of focus, not the scheme.
  • Ian Rapoport takes a closer, drive-by-drive look at the near collapse in the fourth quarter against the Colts.
  • CSNNE highlights Tom Brady's call in to WEEI Monday morning, and his review of his team's performance, with photos.
  • Michael Hurley wonders if the Patriots should have run up the score on the Colts and more leftover thoughts from the Pats win.
  • Steven Krasner reports Nick McDonald thought it was cool to finally be able to watch himself on game film.
  • Christopher Price says Nick McDonald was happy to get his first NFL start under his belt.
  • Shalise Manza Young catches up with Nick McDonald, who has compelling reasons to not ever take any opportunities for granted.
  • Tom E. Curran states what has become obvious to New Englanders and Patriots' opponents: There's not a lot Gronkowski can't do.
  • Christopher Price gives us an NFC East's scout's breakdown of Patriots-Redskins.
  • Mike Reiss reports Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf will call the Patriots at Redskins game on CBS this Sunday.
  • Ian Rapoport hears from Brian Waters, who knows the players need to play 'a better brand of football' down the stretch.
  • Jeff Howe reports rookie Markell Carter draws inspiration from his sister who is battling Lupus.
  • Mike Reiss thinks the NFL will flex the Patriots at Broncos game into prime time Sunday night, and lists the rest of the games scheduled for comparison.
  • Mike Reiss updates his weekly look at the former Patriots who were with the team during Training Camp and how they're doing. Bucs are 0-4 since Haynesworth joined them.
  • Mike Reiss looks at snaps played by Patriots defenders Sunday, and notes Nate Jones was thrown right into the fire with 69 of 73 snaps.
  • Mike Reiss looks at which Patriots players showed up on multiple "Big 4" special teams units Sunday.
  • WEEI Patriots Monday highlights: Tom Brady - Andre Carter.
  • ESPN Boston notes Bill Belichick and Tom Brady were mic'd up Sunday and will be heard on NFL Network's Sound FX series on Wednesday at 9:30.
  • ESPN Boston offers the transcript of Tedy Bruschi's online chat.
  • Ian Rapoport Patriots Notebook: Nick McDonald shows solid play in first start; The release of Taylor Price meant good things for Tiquan Underwood; Belichick said [of Price], "In the end it just didn't work out, it was a combination of factors... not in our opinion [did he warrant a roster spot]"; Matthew Slater was "a little sore" but satisfied after playing nearly the entire game at safety; Players had to sit through a distasteful film session Monday, which was unusual after a win.
  • Shalise Manza Young Patriots Notebook: Belichick gave Matthew Slater and Nate Jones decent reviews; Belichick gave one reason for releasing Taylor Price as needing the roster spot to activate Nick McDonald; Jerod Mayo got his first interception Sunday and broke up a potential first-quarter touchdown.
  • Ron Borges grades the Patriots with his Week 13 Report Card, following Sunday's summer scrimmage.
  • Kirk Minihane issues his Week 13 Report Card and asks if it's possible that Tom Brady is underrated.
  • Jeff Howe breaks out the Week 13 Report Card. Tom Brady's offense recovers from slow start, but team has plenty to work on.
  • David Abel reports on the potential consequences of a casino being proposed by Robert Kraft to be built next to Gillette Stadium.


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