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New England Patriots Links 12/07/11 - Protecting the Football Key to Pats' Four-Game Win streak

Bill Belichick turns the page to the Washington Redskins.

[We're] getting familiar with a team here, the Redskins, that we don't know very well but we have some background with some of their coaches. Of course Coach [Mike] Shanahan does an excellent job offensively. He creates a lot of problems for the defense in terms of formationing and utilization of personnel. He forces the defense to make a lot of adjustments that you don't normally make. It changes a lot from week to week. Defensively, same thing. They have a lot of different schemes that are a problem and they give you a bunch of different looks. It starts with them and of course there are a lot of good players there in all three phases of the game. They have a good secondary, some guys that can really rush the passer, an outstanding returner in [Brandon] Banks, coverage player in [DeAngelo] Hall.

Offensively, a solid offensive line and a good group of skill players, [Roy] Helu is really doing a good job of running the ball. Their running game is a great team running game. Their play action running game all ties in with it. He's averaging almost five yard a carry. They're really solid across the board. They've lost a couple of tough games, like last week against the Jets, Dallas in overtime, twice on a last minute field goal, [they] lost to them. It's a good football team that's had a couple of tough breaks but overall, they're impressive to watch.

Nick Caserio responds to a question about why we haven't seen much of Ron Brace since his return.

Those guys, there are a lot of guys that play on the defensive front. We shuffle guys in and out of the game. Ron is a smart guy, he's strong a strong guy, he's got good playing strength. When he's had his opportunities, he's been productive. He started the year a little bit behind relative to some of the others, but he works hard, he prepares and when he gets his opportunity, our expectation is that he's going to go out there and perform.

Bill O'Brien is asked if the new combination of players on the O-Line had anything to do with the lack of a good rushing game Sunday.

No, I would say that what led to not rushing for as many yards was probably the way the game went. Just having gone back and watching it a few times, we were in a decent amount of no-huddle. There were a couple of drives there where we threw the ball on every play - that was because of what Indianapolis was giving us and we're always going to take what the defense gives us. I wouldn't look too much into those rushing stats. As far as it relates to the line, I would say that they played, again, a very solid football game.





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