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Patriots QB Tom Brady is Named AP Offensive Player of the Year

ESPN is reporting that Patriots QB Tom Brady has won AP's Offensive Player of the Year award. Brady won with 21 out of 50 votes, beating Eagles QB Michael Vick (11 votes), Texans RB Arian Foster (7 votes), Chargers QB Philip Rivers (5 votes), Falcons WR Roddy White (2 votes), Packers QB Aaron Rodgers (2 votes), and Eagles WR DeSean Jackson (2 votes).

This marks the second time Brady has won the award, the first occurring during his record setting 2007 NFL season. This past season, Brady led the league in touchdowns, interceptions, passer rating and is in the midst of a record 355 regular season passes in a row without an interception. Of course, he threw an interception against the Jets in the playoffs, but the streak stays alive in the regular season. He also finished the season as the unanimous first selection for first team NFL All-Pro and Pro Bowl starter.

I was actually very surprised that Brady did not win by more votes. I understood that Vick, Rivers and Foster could get votes, and I probably should have mentioned Rodgers. However, Brady didn't even get half of the votes, despite his record setting season and his near flawless overall performance at quarterback during the regular season. Oh well- I'm sure Brady would trade this award for another crack at the Jets.

Congratulations to Brady on another great regular season!