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NESN Source: Brown "Just Wasn't a Good Coach"

We have an update on the recently departed Patriots' secondary/safeties coach Corwin Brown, courtesy of Jeff Howe of

Patriots players were frustrated and annoyed by defensive backs coach Corwin Brown, who was relieved of his duties Tuesday, according to a source.

"He just wasn't a good coach," the source said. "It's not that he wasn't smart. Some guys just don't know how to coach."

Brown was responsible for the safeties during the 2010 season, which was his only year with the Patriots. When he was hired last offseason, many in the New England secondary were excited to work with him because he had experience as a player in Bill Belichick's system.

Brown appeared to be popular -- he dove through the water hose with the rest of the rookies in training camp -- but his ability to coach was questioned almost regularly. He knew the system, but he couldn't teach it.

There isn't really much more to take from this story. Some guys just have "it" as a coach, and others don't. Apparently, at least at the NFL level, Corwin Brown doesn't have "it." Still, Brown seems like a class act and a good players-coach, so I don't expect him to be unemployed for long. I wish him the best in finding his next job.