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Patriots Coffee Talk 2/24: Favorite Offensive Line Draft Binky?

Welcome to Patriots Coffee Talk!  This is going to be an experimental feature that will go up each weekday morning at 6:00 AM.  Topics will have a wide range, but will bring up relevant Patriots issues and its goal will be to spark debate. So yap away! 

Today's topic will certainly draw more from the readers of Pats Pulpit than from me.  The question is pretty simple: at this juncture, with the combine just starting today, who is your favorite offensive line "draft binky?"  

I'm going to go into the debate of Patriots "needs" later this week/ early next week, but personally, I see addressing the offensive line as the biggest need on the Patriots roster (based on what could happen with free agent Matt Light, recently franchised Logan Mankins, and the older Stephen Neal).  Anyways, it seems likely that the Patriots will pick up at least one offensive lineman (and most likely more) in this April's draft.

Here are a few of my early "binkies":

John Moffitt, G, Wisconsin: A good run blocker that needs some technique refinement, but plays with an unrivaled nastiness.  Could be a good option at 60 or 74.

Marcus Gilbert, OT, Florida: Gilbert is only a projected 3rd/4th round pick, but he's a solid right tackle that is an efficient run and pass blocker, protecting Tim Tebow's blind side for multiple years.  He's also got good size and athleticism, and I think he's a player the Patriots could be interested in come the third round.

Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin: Great size and quick feet, an ability to anchor against t the run.  He has a good track record and could probably play left or right tackle.  There's little not to like about Carimi.

Mike Pouncey, G, Florida: Pouncey played center his senior season at Florida, although he struggled and I don't think he'll project there at the pro level.  Still, his intangibles, nastiness, strength, and athleticism are all things that could make him into one hell of an NFL player.

Stefen Wisniewski, G/C, Penn State: Wisniewski doesn't have terrific size or strength, but the Patriots don't necessarily demand that out of their interior lineman.  I love his athleticism, intangibles, technique, etc.  Could be a great option at 33.

So who are your early draft binkies along the offensive line?