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Saturday NFL Combine Open Thread

Feel free to post your thoughts on certain players, if you're watching the combine!

I'm watching some tight end drills and here are some of my thoughts on the receiving tight ends:

Luke Stocker looked incredibly stocky. Even watching his 40 time, he's not a very fluid athlete. He's a strong player who can catch everything thrown in his direction, but it definitely won't look pretty. If he gets some solid tight end coaching, he'll be a great player. For now, he's still a project.

Lance Kendricks is blazing fast, but he looked distracted during the receiving drills. He was looking for the next ball before he secured the ball he was catching, which means that he could have wandering eyes in the NFL. Basically, he might move his eyes up the field before securing the ball, which leads to a lot of drops. He dropped a lot during the drill. However, in the next couple drills, he made a point of watching the ball go into his hands (it looked sort of exaggerated), so he's definitely coachable.

D.J. Williams is fast and he's a smooth receiver. He won't be an elite blocker, but he'll be some other team's Aaron Hernandez. He looks to be a solid player, but there isn't really a roster spot for a player like him on the Patriots, in my opinion. He'll make some other team very happy.

Robert Housler, from Florida Atlantic, is a relatively unknown player, but he's 6'5, 250 lbs. Dude can catch the ball and he was possibly the best receiving tight end, not named D.J. Williams. He has the college statistics to show that he can catch the ball and he's bulked up 30 pounds since the football season, which shows he wants to be a stronger in-line blocker, yet the weight hasn't impacted his speed since he ran the fastest 40 time out of tight ends. He's a mid-round player and I think he'll be a great player in the future.

Jordan Cameron didn't really stand out at anything, but I just wanted to point him out because his name confused me a lot.

Julius Thomas from Portland State is a former basketball player and he's another phenomenal receiver. He was possibly the most fluid athlete and he has very soft hands. He'll be a project, but the rate of former-basketball player turned tight ends is extremely high, which means he'll be a solid player for some other team.

Virgil Green is a combine star and is putting up some of the most freakish numbers, but he looks pretty average in the drills. He might be drafted higher than his actual value, but he has a lot of potential if he can put everything together.

Those are my early notes. Feel free to add your own in the thread!