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Patriots Sunday Combine Notes: Wide Receivers + Quarterbacks

Day 2 of the Skill events! We get to watch the wide receivers and quarterbacks today. Here's what I've seen so far from some wide receivers:

Jon Baldwin – He’s a great athlete, in the mold of the other Patriots’ drafted receiver in the sense that he’s a raw route runner.

Armon Binns – Runs fantastic routes.

Vincent Brown – Also runs fantastic routes.

Edmund Gates – Runs solid routes.

A.J. Green – He’s doing well. He’s not crisp, but he’s getting by.

Leonard Hankerson – Body catcher.

Julio Jones – Very solid route runner and is showing solid hands.

Jerrel Jernigan – Not too impressive, in my opinion. Quick guy, but he doesn’t bring anything new to the table when it comes to the Patriots.

It seems as if Julio Jones is playing himself out of the range of the Patriots. If the Patriots were to draft a quarterback, it'd be another mid-round prospect from a small school, just like last year's Taylor Price.

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