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NFL Combine 2011: Defensive Front 7 Speed Tests

The combine continues and today the defensive front 7 will be going through their drills. This is important for the Patriots because everyone expects the franchise to take at least two defensive front seven players in the first four picks of their draft.

Here are some 40 times, and everyone should feel free to contribute throughout the day!

Sam Acho (OLB), 6-2, 262 lbs, Texas: 4.63

Allen Bailey (DE), 6-3, 285 lbs, Miami: 4.76

Christian Ballard (DE), 6-4, 283, Iowa: 4.70

Jeremy Beal (OLB), 6-2, 262, Oklahoma: 5.12

Chris Carter (OLB), 6-1, 248, Fresno State: 4.66

Adrian Clayborn (DE), 6-3, 281, Iowa: 4.81

Marcell Dareus (DE), 6-3, 319, Alabama: 4.92

Kenrick Ellis (DE), 6-5, 346, Hampton: 5.19

Ricky Elmore (OLB), 6-5, 255, Arizona: 4.91

Nick Fairley (DE), 6-4, 291, Auburn: 4.82

Lawrence Guy (DE), 6-4, 305, Arizona State: 4.95

Cameron Heyward (DE), 6-5, 294, Ohio State: DNP

Jarvis Jenkins (DE), 6-4, 310, Clemson: 4.98

Cameron Jordan (DE), 6-4, 287, California: 4.71

Ryan Kerrigan (OLB), 6-4, 267, Purdue: 4.67

Corey Liuget (DE), 6-2, 298, Illinois: 4.95

This is just the first group. The other half will start in a half hour.

Read my first group analysis after the jump!

Let's just look a the numbers that stand out:

Jeremy Beal has taken himself out of consideration with a 5.12.

Jarvis Jenkins has the numbers, but he only posted 17 on the bench press. He's a mid/late-round prospect.

Ryan Kerrigan and Sam Acho fit the 3-4 OLB size measurements for the Patriots.

Lawrence Guy should get some mid-round consideration.

Cameron Heyward is recovering from his surgery, but he should post solid numbers on his Pro Day.

Cam Jordan has pretty much guaranteed he'll be drafted earlier than the 17th overall with his impressive 40 time.

Nick Fairley is an athletic freak.