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New England Patriots Links 2/07/11 - Tom Brady Unanimous NFL MVP

<em>MVP!  MVP! Tom Brady wins the MVP, the first player to be unanimously selected winning all 50 votes</em>.
MVP! MVP! Tom Brady wins the MVP, the first player to be unanimously selected winning all 50 votes.

Ian Rapoport notes Tom Brady received the MVP Award by unanimous selection, but knows that he couldn't win it without a team effort.

"It’s really contradictory to the way I try to play quarterback," Brady said. "It’s about the team. And if you’re going to experience success, you(’ve) got to rely on every single guy, and you win with those guys and you lose with those guys. And coach (Bill Belichick) said it best. We had a great regular season, the best of any team in the league. We just didn’t have the best postseason."

Brady said the work has already begun on improving. "There’s a lot of things we can do better," Brady said. "We’ve already started the evaluation of our offense and I think part of the reason we scored as many points as we did is we got a lot of turnovers and we didn’t turn the ball over much. We set a record for that, which is a pretty cool record as a team. We play in New England. We play in snow, we play in wind, we play in rain. So the guys that are possessing the football did a great job taking care of it. That was a great reason why we had a great record."

"It’s a great award," Brady said, "but playing in the Super Bowl is the greatest award that any quarterback could be doing this time of year."

Ian Rapoport reports Robert Kraft is already looking forward to the Draft.

"We’re privileged this year to have five of the first 75 picks, which has not happened in 20 years," Kraft said last week outside the ballroom of the downtown Dallas Sheraton Hotel. "If you take ’09, ’10 and this year, we will have had 12 picks in the first and second round. If we choose wisely this year, we have a chance to really build a balanced team that could allow us to have a lot of fun in the coming years."

WEEI reports Leigh Bodden is confident he will recover.

"I have the most confidence in the world; I’m going to have my best season next year," Bodden told reporters of his recovery. "I’m rehabbing it good, I’m lifting on it. It’s been five months. … "If I was playing in the Super Bowl and had to play, I would play … I feel great. It’s strong. I’ve been lifting on it, not too much heavy weights, but the stability is good."



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  • Ian Rapoport Super Bowl Notebook: Ben Roethlisberger came up short on the final drive and didn't join Tom Brady with three rings last night; Four hundred fans who arrived at Cowboys Stadium with tickets were told their seats would not be available and they had to watch on monitors; Green Bay won despite injuries to Charles Woodson and Donald Driver that knocked them out of the game; Steelers LB James Harrison wasn't so ferocious last night; Unknown GB receiver Jordy Nelson had nine catches for 140 yards.
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  • Tom E. Curran notes Robert Kraft says lawyers need to step aside and that a work stoppage would be "criminal".