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New England Patriots Links 2/08/11 - Packers Credit Loss To Patriots As Spur To Super Bowl Win

<em>Robert Kraft asks, 'why not have a Super Bowl in New England?'</em>
Robert Kraft asks, 'why not have a Super Bowl in New England?'

Erik Scalavino notes that following the week in Dallas, Robert Kraft thinks that maybe New England could host a Super Bowl.

 "[My wife Myra] said to me, ‘It’s snowing, we should have a [Super Bowl] in New England,’" Kraft told reporters covering the big game. "I supported New York [in 2014], and I did for a lot of reasons, but I’m thinking about it and maybe we should have a Super Bowl in New England, maybe we should get on the list.

"We have a lot of great things in Boston, Providence, New England. We have the hotel rooms. We have everything. I love games that are played in the elements. I think our snow game against Oakland [in the 2001 playoffs] was one of the greatest games ever played… The weather will help create record TV ratings, so, maybe we should consider a Super Bowl in Boston, I don’t know.

"I think it will help to make the game," Kraft concluded. "You look at the kind of support and ratings we get for outdoor games, and the real fans, we have them up in the third deck, they come. I think having the elements be part of the game is pretty special."

Mike Reiss mentions that six years ago Sunday, the Patriots won their third Super Bowl championship, defeating the Eagles 24-21 in Jacksonville.

The main thing I remember about that game is how the New England defense completely changed its scheme, playing a rush-based 4-3 that focused on keeping Donovan McNabb in the pocket. I had never seen a team stray so far from what got it to that point, and haven't seen it again since that point.

Jason Whitlock (Fox Sports) The moral of this Super Bowl Story: A We vs. Me mentality.

The Packers and their general manager, Ted Thompson, won Green Bay’s fourth Super Bowl primarily because they stuck to the Patriots Way even more than the Patriots.

At considerable risk, Thompson rejected Randy Moss in 2007 and Brett Favre in 2008. Over Favre’s objections, Thompson resisted the urge to trade for Moss, allowing the freakish and moody receiver to land in New England.

And when Favre’s I-told-you-so frustration boiled over in reaction to Tom Brady’s 50-TD, undefeated regular season with Moss, Thompson traded the unretired Favre to the New York Jets.

The Patriots, the Jets and, most tragically, the Vikings landed the mercenary heirs — Favre and Moss — to Deion’s throne.

Only the Packers won a Super Bowl.