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New England Patriots Links 2/09/11 - Patrick Chung Put Botched Fake Punt Behind Him

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<em>Commissioner Roger Goodell could possibly need the referee's services to mediate the CBA negotiations</em>.
Commissioner Roger Goodell could possibly need the referee's services to mediate the CBA negotiations.

Mike Reiss offers his take on Robert Kraft's comments expressing his frustration with the way the Patriots lost in to the Jets in the divisional round.

I thought the fan in Kraft came out with those remarks. I didn't read into them any further in terms of what it might mean for Belichick's future from an ownership perspective. I think Kraft realizes he has one of the top coaches in the NFL and he also values the stability of having the same coach in place for a 12th season. So I don't think Belichick needs to go deep in the playoffs or anything like that. On the flip side, I did wonder what Belichick thought of the remarks. I can't imagine he'd be thrilled.

I respect what Kraft has done as owner of the Patriots, although that doesn't mean I would shy away from criticism if I felt it was warranted. As for his remarks, I appreciated them as a reporter covering the team because they seemed to be unfiltered and reflected what he was really thinking. That's always the goal -- to uncover the truth. If I was removing myself from the job, and focusing solely on what was in the best interests of the Patriots, I would agree with your point that Kraft's remarks didn't seem to do anything to help the team.

Mike Reiss sees the potential in safety Patrick Chung.

I know Bruschi himself really liked what he saw from Chung, saying he reminds him of a young Lawyer Milloy. I thought we saw a lot of growth from Chung from last year to this year, where he went from playing 20 percent of the snaps to 70 percent. That growth should continue, and with full health, he has the potential to be a top safety.

Adam Schein (Fox Sports) What's the Patriots plan for 2011?

Will Logan Mankins get a long-term deal? He deserves it with his play, but the All-Pro guard made his early season holdout very personal with the Kraft family. And it is going to be interesting to see if the Patriots will spend money in the offseason. You get the feeling from talking with people in the know that there was a bit of a divide in the organization last year on how to attack free agency, with some wanting Julius Peppers and others not wanting to pay.


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