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New England Patriots Links 3/10/11 - Kevin Faulk's Knee 'Getting Better Each And Every Day'

Shalise Manza Young reports a rehabbing Kevin Faulk estimates that his right knee is at 70 to 75 percent and said he's taking his recovery one stage at a time.

Faulk and Patriots receivers coach Chad O'Shea visited cardiac patients at Brigham & Women's hospital, including one very knowledgeable fan, Mark.

Speaking this afternoon, Faulk said his knee -- he tore his ACL against the Jets in September -- is "coming along; it's stages and we're in the next stage. It's getting better each and every day."

Faulk said his biggest concern has been not taking steps backward after he's made so much progress.

"I'm a running back; I want to run," he said.

Mike Reiss recaps a Patriots podcast with Tedy Bruschi, posted on ESPNBoston. Bruschi talks about the need for a big-play receiver on the outside of the field.

"I think the Patriots do need an outside receiver, for that immediate success that I'm talking about," Bruschi says. "It's only about the Super Bowls right now. We talked about Tom Brady and getting him the best possible team so he can lead that team to another championship. Do you want to wait on these young guys to develop, with the chance of them not developing? Or go out and get somebody?

"I think you should go out and get somebody. I'd love to see Sidney Rice in a New England Patriots uniform [once free agency officially starts]."

"I know Coach Belichick really feels strongly about Steve Smith. He likes him a lot," Bruschi says. "Trading a second-round pick -- possibly. My theory on the draft is that you really can't use all those picks. You have to trade some away, because if you use all those picks, now you're becoming too young."

Ian Rapoport reports the legal guardian for Brandon Meriweather has heard the allegations and says, "It's not true."

"I’m sure the attorneys will handle whatever needs to be handled," said Bridges, who Meriweather calls, Pops. "‘Everything will come out if there’s anything to come out. But statements have been given by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department that Brandon Meriweather is not a victim, nor a person of interest in any shooting."

I asked Bridges, who raised Meriweather with his wife, Mary, if he was worried about the allegations. "No, not at all," he said. "I’m only worried to a point where this type of publicity has the potential to damage his career. That’s the only thing that bothers me. But as far as any allegations of wrongdoing or any involvement in wrongdoing, I’m not worried about that. I know it’s not true."

Bridges indicated the family is considering their legal options. I asked if there is any recourse and Bridges replied quickly.

"Defamation of Character," he said. "I’m sure the attorneys are trying to figure out where it’s coming from. The appropriate course of action will be taken."



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