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New England Patriots Links 3/11/11 - NFL Labor Talks: Today It's Do Or Die (Or Do Another Extension)

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<em>Brandon Meriweather needs to find a new hangout where he won't find trouble or trouble won't find him</em>.
Brandon Meriweather needs to find a new hangout where he won't find trouble or trouble won't find him.

Tom E. Curran thinks the "Apopka incident" smells like a shakedown.  In other words, the end game is not jail. It's compensation.

Let's look at this objectively.

If a bullet grazes one person and then lands in the head of another on February 28 and - by March 10 - nobody's been arrested for firing that bullet, it's a pretty safe bet the police investigation isn't going well.

A possible reason? The whole scene was a crapstorm. The cops can't figure out who shot the gun because nobody's saying and they have no physical evidence to establish who did it.

[Personal injury lawyer] Morgan did a terrific job on WEEI drumming up reasonable doubt that it was Meriweather who shot the gun when he said, "There's a shooting in the dark in a yard in front of a house. My client identified Meriweather as the shooter."

I'm going to climb out on a limb here and say that, of all the people in attendance, Meriweather had the most stable job and highest income in 2010. And the guy with the "hole in his cheek" as Morgan described it, was probably aware of that.

So, voila, Meriweather becomes the shooter.

It sucks that someone ended up with a hole in their cheek. And it would suck even more if, in fact, Meriweather fired the gun, wasn't brought to justice and ambled merrily along with his NFL life.

But this doesn't add up.



  • Bob Hohler and Steve Silver report that a relative of Brandon Meriweather says the Patriots' safety was trying to play peacemaker and break up a fight the night of the shooting.
  • Bob Hohler reports Florida police seek to question Brandon Meriweather as part of shooting probe.
  • ESPNBoston Report: Brandon Meriweather was present at a shooting in Florida, police say, but it's not clear what role he played.
  • Ian Rapoport and Laurel J. Sweet report Meriweather's lawyer says his client will work with the police.
  • Christopher Price spends a moment recapping Brandon Meriweather's star-crossed career.
  • Greg A. Bedard reports on the verbal slap fight that went down between the NFL and the players union a mere 24 hours from the deadline.
  • Ian Rapoport notes the NFL ended Thursday's negotiations with heated words, wondering if "both sides have an equal commitment."
  • Mike Reiss analyzes the latest mock draft from Don Banks, and the two players he selects for the Patriots in the first round.
  • Jeff Howe opens up his Mock Draft IV with the Patriots selecting DL Cameron Jordan (California) at 17 and OL Benjamin Ijalana (Villanova) at 28.
  • Mike Reiss offers the transcript of his weekly online chat.