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New England Patriots Links 3/17/11 - Proposed NFL Rule Changes Would Change Game

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<em>Stephen Gostkowski and other kickers might like the proposed rule change that would shorten the field on kickoffs and touchbacks</em>.
Stephen Gostkowski and other kickers might like the proposed rule change that would shorten the field on kickoffs and touchbacks.

Erik Scalavino discusses the Randy Moss interview on Minnesota radio station KFAN, and how Moss realizes how good he had it here in New England.

"If you’re asking me where my heart and where I’m happy is, you know, I love playing with Tom Brady. I love being coached by Bill Belichick," he began.

"I think that just the success as a wide receiver and everything that the New England Patriots stand for, you know, I’m a big fan of Bill Belichick’s. I really am, and not just on the field. I’m a fan of his off the field because, you know, the little grouchy man that you see on-camera is not what you see off-camera.

"And people say ‘Well, Moss, you got traded to Minnesota from New England!’" he added. "Well… this is a business, man. People have to understand the nature of the business. It’s not just a sport. The sport comes along with the business. If you really don’t think it’s a business, then why are they sitting there [the NFL and the players union], fighting over $9 billion?"

Ian Rapoport reports Jerod Mayo is cheering on his little brother Deron who's taking part in the University of Virginia's Pro Day today.

"He’s in a position to really open some eyes tomorrow and hopefully he gets it done," Mayo told me this morning. "I’m very excited for him. He’s excited. I have to tell him to channel his energy the right way because sometimes you get too excited and (go out too hard). But I think he’s ready. He’s been preparing for a long time. He’s been training with some good trainers and hopefully it shows up at Pro Day."

"It’s been very difficult," Mayo said of his brother’s odyssey. "I think he handled it like a professional. He called me the day he found out the program was going under, and he said, ‘Hey I think I’m going to transfer.’ He took his little visits and things like that and he decided to go to ODU. The coaches right there gave him an opportunity. I think he was the captain of his team there and only being there one year was pretty impressive. He’s made the most of it." He’s not going to play defensive end in the NFL, but he can rush the passer," Mayo said.

"He has all those skills, he can play linebacker. But he’ll definitely make an impact on special teams. With his skills and his size and strength, that’s the one thing I told him, ‘Get your foot in the door on special teams and he blocked a few kicks, blocked some punts, blocked some field goals, and he’s just an all-around good player."

As for having two Mayo’s in the NFL? Jerod say that would be huge. "Maybe he can play for the Patriots," Mayo said.


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