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Report: Meriweather Was the Shooter in Florida Case

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According to Mike Florio of, who cites Dino Costa of Sirius Mad Dog radion, Brandon Meriweather was the shooter in the Florida case that saw two people shot at a house party last month (one in the head):

Last week, an attorney in Florida claimed publicly that Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather pulled the trigger on a gun that fired a bullet that grazed one man and struck another in the head.

An unnamed member of Meriweather's family later claimed that Meriweather, though present for the fight that resulted in the shooting, wasn't the shooter.

Earlier tonight, our good friend (even when he calls me a bastard) Dino Costa of Sirius Mad Dog radio said on the air, citing an "impeccable source," that Meriweather was the shooter.

And here's where it gets even more interesting. Costa said there's talk that the two victims aren't, you know, alive.

Given that their lawyer claimed publicly that the two men believe that Meriweather was the shooter, we suspect that the victims have not, you know, died. But nothing will surprise us any more.

If this is true, this is both terrible and disappointing news, and Meriweather would certainly a goner.  However, Florio seems to believe the part about Meriweather being the shooter, yet not the part about the victims being dead.  In my opinion, Florio has to pick one.  Dino Costa has been wrong before, and until we get something more concrete (maybe an arrest??), it's hard to indict Meriweather.  Nonetheless, this remains troubling news.