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UConn RB Jordan Todman to Visit Patriots

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In the weeks leading up to the draft, each team holds a variety of private workouts and team visits with prospects.  While some visits are for medical or other reasons, in my opinion, the visits often actually do show a team's genuine interest in a prospect.  For example, in recent years, players such as Rob Gronkowski, Ron Brace, Pat Chung, Jerod Mayo, Brandon Meriweather, Laurence Maroney and others all came in for pre-draft visits before eventually being drafted by the team.  Of course, each team is allowed 30 of these visits, but they certainly do mean something.

Well, according to multiple reports, the Patriots will be hosting UConn running back Jordan Todman for one of their pre-draft visits.  At just 5'9" and 203 lbs, Todman isn't exactly the biggest back.  He isn't going to break a lot of tackles or push piles with his strength.  However, he does have excellent straight line speed, and an equally impressive cut-back ability, which allows him to bounce outside, knife though defenders and make big plays.  He was a workhorse at UConn, carrying the load of the offense with 334 carries in twelve games.  And while he isn't a great blocker, he has good patience, a nice burst, improving vision, and is willing to churn his legs and give his full effort as an inside runner.

Should the Patriots want to draft Todman, it would probably be somewhere in the late second to third round range, with the most likely spot being with the 74th pick in the draft.