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New England Patriots Links 3/21/11 - Annual NFL Owners Meetings Begin Today

Karen Guregian hears Mike Wright's account of his season-ending concussion and the recurring symptoms that have just begun to dissipate.

"It was very scary," Wright said earlier tonight, speaking for the first time about the injury since it happened during the game against the Colts. "It’s something you can’t describe. I don’t wish it upon anybody, that’s for sure."

"[His worst days] were rough," said Wright, who was attending Jarvis’ Green’s annual wine tasting gala at the Johnson and Wales Inn in Seekonk. "There was a lot of motion sickness. Everything was very sensitive. It just seems like the symptoms wouldn’t leave and they wouldn’t subside. I did everything I could. It just didn’t seem to want to cooperate."

"It’s been a long road, a frustrating road," Wright said. "We’re moving forward every day. I’m getting better. That’s all I can ask for."

Wright said he suffered the injury during a head-to-head collision, and thought it was your basic run-of-the mill concussion. But the symptoms just wouldn’t go away.

"I’ve had concussions prior to this, but nothing where the symptoms lingered on quite as much," he said. "It was definitely a new experience for me. An unfortunate one. I’ve learned from it. I’m moving on."

Ian Rapoport notes QB Brian Hoyer says Foxboro is like a ghost town without his teammates. The Pats backup quarterback is one of the few who have remained in the area to ride out the lockout.

"I’m in town. There’s some of us in town, trying to work out together, hang out together," he said. "But it’s kind of like a ghost town around here. I’m calling my friends up to see if there’s things to do. I’m just trying to pass the time. But there’s still a few of us around."

Hoyer said he’s been working out with defensive lineman Mike Wright, offensive lineman Sebastian Vollmer and linebacker Jerod Mayo and a few other guys who have remained in the area. Like everyone else in the decertified union, he gets updates on the situations via emails and texts.