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CBS Re-Mocks 2010; Patriots Dominate

CBS Sports decided to re-mock the 2010 draft and I think it's fair to say that the Patriots dominated the first round (the only round re-mocked). The Patriots have two players in the top 10 and three players in the top 21. That's pretty solid.

Rob Rang has CB Devin McCourty going 7th overall to the Cleveland Browns, over their actual cornerback draft pick Joe Haden. While McCourty was the best cornerback in the draft, Haden wasn't far behind. I'll put a definite emphasis on the fact that the Patriots drafted a top 10 performer at the bottom of the first round while still trading down. That's a pretty fantastic deal.

The second player in the top 10 is TE Rob Gronkowski, going 9th overall to the Buffalo Bills. To be fair, almost every single other first round pick would have been a better pick than RB C.J. Spiller. I'm extremely happy that the Patriots won't have to face the Gronk twice a year because I believe that he'll be in the top tight end discussion next season.

The third player is TE Aaron Hernandez at 21st overall to the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals would be taking Hernandez over their original rookie TE, Jermaine Gresham. Gresham was actually very good as a rookie and would have had better numbers had the Bengals not been terrible. Gresham will be a great player, but apparently Rang believes that QB Carson Palmer needed an additional weapon as a receiver, in Hernandez, as opposed to a player who can block in-line.

The Patriots end up with CB Alterraun Verner, who went to the Tennessee Titans in the 4th round at #104 overall in order to replace the loss off McCourty to the earlier draft picks. Verner was the #3 corner in the rookie class and was actually leading the rookie rankings at the beginning of the season, before McCourty hit his stride. Verner would have been a solid pick, but I wouldn't change what actually happened. I'm more than happy with McCourty.

After having a quick glance over their rookie seasons, what player from the 2010 NFL Draft would you take over Devin McCourty? Pretend draft pick is not a problem. Would you take Sam Bradford? Ndamukong Suh? Maurkice Pouncey? Would you take any player instead of McCourty?